WooCommerce Food – Restaurant Menu & Food ordering v2.3

Version: 2.3

Last update: 27.12021


If you own a restaurant, café or food service business, WooCommerce Food is a must-have plugin. Designed to make ordering menu items seamless and hassle-free, WooCommerce Food is the simplest way for your business to display food items and for your customers to order. With the intelligent WooCommerce plugin, you can use a lot of payment gateways and manage everything from showcasing your menu to receiving and processing orders all from one handy place. For your customers this means a straightforward way to place an order and the very best user experience, ensuring they’ll be back – again and again.

Featured WooCommerce Food

  • 10+ Food Styles support
  • Online Food ordering and manager via pro system of WooCommerce
  • Support Food with extra options: Select box, radio button, checkbox, textarea, text, quantity
  • Support set minimum option required for checkbox field
  • Support set maximum option user can select for checkbox field
  • Quick ordering food support
  • Fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • Display menu via shortcode anywhere.
  • Support with many columns(2, 3, 4, 5)
  • Display Food menu with Grid, List, Table, Carousel(Slider view)
  • Admin create Food and manage order easily
  • Order method: Delivery or Pickup or Dine-in
  • Shipping radius: Limit shipping radius with google map API
  • Shipping Delivery fee, delivery fee by km
  • Minimum order amount required to free shipping
  • Support email to admin and customer after order
  • Support select food by location, Different food for each store location
  • Support Open closing time by location
  • Support shipping fee for each location
  • Minimum order amount required for each store location
  • Support print order invoice
  • Support set Different email recipients for each location
  • Ajax load more, pagination, popup food info
  • Support setting minimum amount, minimum amount by km
  • Review food system
  • Support order automatically printing with Star CloudPRNT (only work with star printer)
  • Support opening closing time order
  • Support Delivery date and time field in order
  • Support set Different time delivery for each day of week
  • Support Maximum Order Deliveries per time slot in order
  • Support Disable order food before X minutes or X days time Delivery in order ( user need order food before X minutes or X days)
  • Unlimited Color. You can set color for all or each food
  • Support filter category – allows you create menu category, you can show all menu items or show by category
  • Support auto address complete, auto complete by special country
  • Support custom label icon like spicy….
  • Support Setting Open and closing time for each day of week
  • Support display Open and closing time information in popup
  • Multiple Payment mode support
  • Support Paypal, Stripe and a lot of payments gateways with addon
  • Admin filter order by status, location, order method, delivery time
  • User page with register/login/history booking
  • Coupon code
  • RTL mode support
  • Custom food info
  • Images gallery
  • Unlimited customize with font, color
  • Visual Composer support
  • Supper easy configuration
  • And more …


Version 2.3 - 27/01/2021
- Add Drag drop order extra option 
- Add admin filter by delivery date or location and delivery type 
- Add custom label icon 
- Add Dine in option 
- Add min order amount required by km
- Add Free shipping when total reached X value by km 
- Add option to change quantity of food in Side cart 
- Disable modal option 
- Fix max order when disable date delivery 
- Remove some notice 
- Remove wrong characters in Woo APP 
- Fix geo button does not work when set restrict API 
- Fix extra option with "Order again" button 
- Add option to disable default address fields when order method is takeaway or dine in
Version 2.2 - 11/12/2020
-  Add auto complete address by special country only 
- Show rating 
- Add default option for checkbox select radio 
- Multi google API to allow restrict API 
- Add different time slot for takeaway and delivery 
- Add different date setting for takeaway 
- Add Shipping fee by km 
- Add next previous for image gallery
- Fix some minor bug