Woo Floating Cart 

Woo Floating Cart v1.4.3

Version: 1.4.3

Last update: 5.11.2019

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[Free Download] Woo Floating Cart v1.4.3 bản cập nhật ngày 5.11.2019.

Giỏ hàng tương tác cho WooC Commerce trượt vào khi người dùng quyết định mua một mặt hàng. Hoàn toàn tùy biến ngay từ WordPress Customizer với Live Preview. Sản phẩm, số lượng và giá cả được cập nhật ngay lập tức thông qua Ajax.

Tính năng Woo Floating Cart

  • Apply Google Fonts
  • Change Cart Position
  • Change Cart Width / Height
  • Change Counter Position
  • Custom Colors / Backgrounds
  • Custom Icons (SVG / Image / Font Icons)
  • Customize using WordPress Customizer Live Preview
  • Select between 11 loading spinner animations
  • Enable Fly To Cart animation
  • Exclude pages from displaying the cart
  • Device Visibility options
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported on Single Product pages
  • Ajax Add to cart also supported within Quick View Modals
  • Option to change the checkout link to redirect to the cart page instead
  • Option to trigger the cart on Mouse Over with optional delay
  • Select between Subtotal or Total to be displayed within the checkout button
  • Product Variations Support
  • Display product attributes within the cart
  • RTL Support


V.1.4.3 - 30.10.2019

  • FixAdd proper hooks to min / max cart product quantities to support other plugins such as WooCommerce Min / Max Quantities
  • FixFix envato license validation issue
  • UpdateTemplate changes: /templates/parts/cart/list/product/quantity.php

V.1.4.2 - 29.10.2019

  • FixShipping Address fields showing when Virtual/Downloadable product is added in the cart when it's not supposed to.
  • FixPro When the checkout form is enabled within the Floating Cart, the native cart page was not showing the cart totals section.

V.1.4.1 - 29.10.2019

  • SupportSupport WordPress v5.2.4