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Version: 2.12.0

Last update: 1.10.2019


Free download Listify 2.12.0 – Directory WordPress Theme bản cập nhật 1.10.2019

Listify là mẫu theme về chủ đề tìm kiếm địa chỉ ( dự án bât động sản / nhà hàng / quán ăn / …….)

Mẫu theme khá là đa năng bạn có thể review link về trang demo lựa chọn giao diện phù hợp với bạn

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= 2.12.0: October 1, 2019 =

Update: Compatibility with the next version of WP Job Manager 1.34.0 (beta).
Update: Checked Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.7.0.
Add: A tooltip on the Review submission form to inform the user when he tries to submit a zero star rating.
Add: Option to filter listings by the label in the Listings Widget.
Add: Option to edit the “View more” link and label in the “Page: Recent Posts” widget.
Add: A new Product style in the WooCommerce Product List widget.
Add: New options in the Page: Recent Posts widget, to filter posts by post IDs and category IDs.
Fix: A better anchor jump for the Reviews and Bookings submission.
Fix: Add Polylang translation support for widgets options and Customizer options.
Fix: The bottom arrow for the sub-items in the Tertiary Menu.
Fix: Avoid adding backslashes to the keyword field, while searching listings.
Fix: Facet WP Location filter Icon on RTL has a better position.
Fix: A PHP warning when the Bookings widget was used without the WP Job Manager Products plugin.
Fix: A PHP warning, which was appearing when the cached listings filtered by location was not initialized yet.
Fix: Remove usage of WooCommerce Social Login instance deprecated in 1.6.0.
Fix: Remove usage of WooCommerce deprecated function used to fetch terms.
= 2.11.0: May 25, 2019 =

New: WooCommerce 3.6.3 support.
Fix: Ensure that home page settings meta boxes are compatible with Gutenberg.
Fix: Ensure that hours of operation time zone drop-down inside of the editor displays correctly.
Fix: Update support link inside of Listify setup guide.
Fix: Correct login button position on sign in / register windows.
Fix: Removed Social Login from the recommended plugins until plugin is updated.
Fix: Correct Breadcrumbs PHP Notice warning on some installs.
Fix: Update content importer as it was crashing due to lack of vendor classes.
Fix: Update HelpScout beacon JS inside of getting started guide.
Fix: Update screenshot size inside of getting started guide.
Fix: Add SVG loading spinner on results pages.
Fix: Ensure Console Notice Google Maps API Warning is removed.
Fix: Update related listings widget to that its settings are saved.
Fix: Ensure map icons aren’t cut off on some browser types.
= 2.10.1: January 31, 2019 =

Fix: More WP Job Manager support.
= 2.10.0: January 26, 2019 =

New: WP Job Manager 1.32.0 support.
= 2.9.0: November 6, 2018 =

New: WooCommerce 3.5 support.
Fix: Mapbox on single listing pages.
Fix: Ensure marker title does not overlap on Mapbox infobubbles.
Fix: Respect Listing Payments choose_package automatic redirect.
Fix: Do not include current listing in “Related Listings” widget.
Fix: Attachment linking in “Gallery Slider” widget.
Fix: Ensure “Related Listings” widget is available when categories are disabled.
Fix: Ensure all widgetized pages appear when using Polylang.
Fix: Ensure “Call to Action” widget colors apply.
Fix: hatom updated tag.
Fix: Enable “Autofit” option for Google Maps and avoid zooming errors.
Fix: Ensure Listing Types can be saved on the “Listings” widget.