Theme The Retailer v2.8.0 – Premium WooCommerce Theme

The Retailer v2.8.0 – Premium WooCommerce Theme

Version: 2.8.0

Last update: 22.2.2018


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Free Download The Retailer v2.8.0 – Premium WooCommerce Theme phiên bản cập nhật ngày 22.2.2018
The Retailer là thuộc top 1 template bán hàng được mua nhiều trên ThemeForest.

Template tuyệt vời để xây dựng website bán hàng trực tuyến, Profile, hoặc các trang blog cá nhân. Dễ dàng cài đặt và sử dụng, Nhiều demo cho bạn lựa chọn và thường xuyên hỗ trợ update. Thiết kế chuẩn seo – Thân thiện với các thiết bị di động ….

Theme cùng loại:

Tình năng nổi bật Theme the Retailer

1. Quick Start – Easy Installation & Setup

The importable dummy data will help you get started with building pages like the ones you see in the theme demo.

2. Reliable Theme – Updates and Support

We?re constantly working on improving the theme, keeping it up to date with the technology around.

3. Theme Documentation & Video Guides for Beginners

Step by step guides accompanied by video walkthroughs will help you configure and customize your new theme.

4. Sell Anything Online

Shippable or Downloadable Products, you got everything you need to start a powerful online store and manage it like a boss.

5. Color, Size, etc – Variable Products

Sell products in different variantions, such as color, size or anything else that makes sense to your items.

6. Digital Downloads

Sell ebooks, digital photohraphy, music, design templates or any other downloadable products.

7. Customer Reviews

Add more value to your store items by engaging user into reviewing them for better social validation.

8. Start an Affilitate Business

Earn money online by selling products from external sites and affiliate partners such as

9. Collect Payments

PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks, Cash on Delivery. These are the built-in payment methods but you?re not limited to the ones listed above.

10. Sell Anywhere – Your Language, Your Currency

Calculate Shipping Fees and Collect taxes on the go for each order.

11. Manage Inventories, Get Business Insights with Reports

Keep up with the store perfomace using the built-in reports. Track Orders, Customer and Stock.

12. Catalog Mode – Turning off the eCommerce

The Retailer was build from the begining having the online shopping experience in mind. As a store manger, you?ll love WooCommerce.

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