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Soledad v7.8.0 – Multi-Concept BlogMagazineNews AMP WordPress Theme

Version: 7.8.0

Last update: 1.3.2021


Soledad WP Theme

Features Soledad

  • 6886+ homepages demo for multiple purposes
  • Compatible with Elementor Page Builder.
  • Compatible with WPBakery Page Builder.
  • More than 30+ custom elements for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder.
  • Compatible with EU GDPR policy
  • Schema Markup & Google Structured Data Supports & validated
  • Optimized for site speed
  • 1000+ Sliders and Blog Combinations
  • AMP Support
  • Dark Layout
  • Multiple ads spaces – Ads inside posts content supports
  • Compatible with BBPress & BuddyPress
  • Category Mega Menu
  • Fully WordPress Live Customization with 600+ options
  • 100% Responsive Design – Look great on all devices
  • Real Awesome Gallery with a lot of styles
    • Justified Gallery
    • Single Slider Gallery
    • Masonry Gallery with 2 columns
    • Masonry Gallery with 3 columns
    • Masonry Gallery with 4 columns
    • Grid Gallery with 2 columns
    • Grid Gallery with 3 columns
    • Grid Gallery with 4 columns
  • Infinite Click Button Load More Posts
  • Infinite Scroll Load More Posts
  • RTL Language Support
  • Topbar Menu
  • 9 Header Styles
  • 4 Body Styles
    • Full Width ( No Boxed )
    • Boxed With Any Colors
    • Boxed Width Background Image
    • Boxed Width Pattern Image
  • 4 Sidebar Styles for all pages, posts
    • Two Sidebars
    • Right Sidebar
    • Left Sidebar
    • No Sidebar
  • Beautiful Featured Slider With 36 Styles
  • Multiple Post Templates for different Stories, each Template come with 3 formats:
    • Right Sidebar ( Default )
    • Left Sidebar
    • Full Width
  • Woocommerce Compatible
  • Featured Video Background
  • Lightbox image in single posts
  • Upload custom fonts & 750+ Google fonts, Typekit fonts include
  • Flexible Images & Responsive Video
  • Various Post Formats
    • Standard Posts
    • Video Posts
    • Gallery Posts
    • Audio Posts
    • Quote Posts
    • Link Posts
  • Sticky Sidebar
  • Custom Sidebar For Post & Page
  • Unlimited Colors
  • 11 Custom Widgets
    • Soledad About Me
    • Soledad List Banner
    • Soledad Pinterest Widget
    • Soledad Facebook Page Box
    • Soledad Recent Posts
    • Soledad Popular Posts
    • Soledad Social Media
    • Soledad Tweets Slider
    • Soledad Quote
    • Instagram Slider
    • Soledad Posts Slider
  • Search Engines Optimized
  • Translation Ready – Transition your site in some minutes
  • WordPress 4.0+ compatible
  • Import Demo In One Click
  • Contact form 7 & MailChimp for WordPress support
  • Dedicated Documentation & Support Forum



Soledad Version 7.8.0:

  • Feature Added: In-feed Ads for “Latest Posts” – works fine with ajax also.
  • Feature Added: Reading time meta for posts – will be showing on the post feed layouts
  • Feature Added: Option to custom the meta key for post views via Customize > General. It uses when you need to get post views from a plugin or your old theme.
  • Feature Added: Showing the post views data ( all time, weekly, monthly ) inside edit post screen now, you can check your post views data or edit it as weel there.
  • Feature Added: “News Ticker” element for Elementor & WPBakery Page Builder
  • Feature Added: More adjust for “Top Posts” on the topbar. Check more via Customize > TopBar > General
  • Feature Added: Fix some issues with AMP, please update AMP to version 3.7
  • Improve: Some minor issues.

Soledad Version 7.7.0:
* FEATURE ADDED: Improve the Topbar with more elements: Current date, custom text, login/register popup and you can re-order the elements display on the top bar now also. Please check options for it via Customize > Topbar
* IMPROVE: CLS for sliders
* IMPROVE: Some issues with javascript on Firefox, ready to update the theme to the future versions of WordPress without issues with Javascript.
* IMPROVE: Lazyload images from the theme – only load images inside viewing screen
* IMPROVE: Some minor issues.

Soledad Version 7.6.1:
* FIX: Some small issues with Javascript on Firefox & colour picker on edit page screen.
* IMPROVE: Speed Optimization – exclude the CSS from login page to preload when you check on “Preload all other stylesheets” – let’s update plugin “Penci Shortcodes & Performance” to get it after updating the theme.

Soledad Version 7.6.0:
A new version focus to help you optimize your site speed.
* FEATURE ADDED: Options to speed optimization via Customize > Speed Optimization – remember update plugin “Penci Shortcodes & Performance” to latest version to get this section appears.
We also moved all the lazyload images options to Customize > Speed Optimization > General & Lazyload to help you can control it better.
And check the guide to understand options there here:
* FEATURE ADDED: Option to show categories for most of the slider styles.
If you’re using Customizer to config the homepage, check option via Customize > Featured Slider > General > Display Categories for all Posts on Slider
If you’re using Elementor or WPBakery Page Builder, let’s edit element “Penci Featured Slider” and you will see this option.
* FEATURE ADDED: Option to hide “Website”, “Name” or “Email” fields on WordPress Comment Forms. Check options for it via Customize > Single Posts > Comments Form
* FEATURE ADDED: Option to enable click on parent menu items to open child menu items for Vertical Mobile Navigation and Menu Hamburger. Check options for it via:
Customize > Logo & Header > Vertical Mobile Navigation > Enable click on Parent Menu Item to open Child Menu Items
Customize > Vertical Navigation & Hamburger Menu > Enable click on Parent Menu Item to open Child Menu Items
* FIX: Issue with button “View Desktop Version” and “Add Comments” on AMP when “Show AMP for mobile visitors” is checked. Let’s update AMP plugin to version to version 3.6 to get this fix.
* IMPROVE: Some issues with RTL and others.

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