Rey - Fashion & Clothing, Furniture

Rey – Fashion & Clothing, Furniture v1.9.5

Version: 1.9.5

Last update: 21.12.2020


Rey theme is probably one of the most unique items on the WooCommerce market, being fit for Furniture stores, Fashion/Clothing & Apparel stores, Artists or Painters store, and many others. A Jack of all trades for ecommerce business.

Rey – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Rey is a well crafted WordPress theme, with lots of features, a gorgeous design and a rock solid infrastructure to provide a foundation for your upcoming projects. While it was mainly thought as an ecommerce dedicated theme, this is just a fraction of its powers. So you can safely use it for pretty much any type of website.

I’m dedicated exclusively to this theme and i want to continuously update it with features, improvements, fixes and new astonishing designs.

Feel free to reach me if you have feature requests. I have a huge list of features to do and your requests will help me prioritize them better.

Why Rey vs. Other themes

Summed up i’d say – A modern, flexible & lightweight theme with lots of features.

Usually features & flexibility is the opposite of lightweight, and it basically bloats the theme, but that’s not the case for Rey. Because of its modularity, things are loaded on demand, the general principle being – only load what’s in use.

With respect to other’s work, many are bloated antiquated themes and they’re becoming unmaintainable due to their coiled up foundation. Again, not the case for Rey. Its infrastructure will always prioritize modularity, making it a stable foundation for current and future projects.



21 Dec 2020

  • New: Added filter by Meta (custom fields);
  • Improvement: On sale & In Stock filters, added counters;
  • Improvement: Product with no featured image, default to first variation’s image;
  • Improvement: added print url for product page, in the social icons list;
  • Improvement: Scroll to top button, added position option (to left);
  • Improvement: Cover split, added scroll sensitivity control;
  • Fix: Product carousels not loading sometimes;
  • Fix: Counters in Ajax filters sometimes not showing accurate counts;
  • Fix: Purchase code activation field, trim spaces;
  • Fix: Product page lightbox gallery, not showing controls on Safari;
  • Fix: Blog pagination inherits Products paginations settings;
  • Fix: Paged ajax pagination in EPRO archive templates;
  • Fix: Stripe fields not aligning labels properly;
  • Fix: Classic checkout with thumbs enabled, fixed alignment issues;
  • Fix: “Hide flat rate if free shipping” option to stop hiding Local pickup;
  • Fix: Teasers on shop, incompatibility with Elementor Pro;
  • Fix: Accessibility option not enabling focus ring;


15 Dec 2020

  • Improvement: WooCommerce product size charts, added choice to place button inline with add to cart button;
  • Improvement: Added option for Account drop panel to prevent closing on scrolling outside the panel, in the page;
  • Improvement: Made ACF options menu, enabled by default;
  • Improvement: Attributes Filter widget, added “Range Points” display type;
  • Improvement: Added compatibility of Ajax variable popup with Cross-sells items in Cart panel;
  • Improvement: Added option to customize text of “Add to cart” button in Cross-sells products;
  • Improvement: Added option to display a dynamic Pay in instalments text eg: ;
  • Improvement: Scroll to top button, added control to hide per devices;
  • Improvement: Product grid element, added support for Cross-sells / Up-sells query type;
  • Improvement: Menu element, added support for Vertical menu submenus either vertical drop-downs or horizontal slides;
  • Improvement: Header Nav. element, added option to increase mobile panel close button size;
  • Fix: Hide out of stock cross-sells products (if specified in WooCommerce settings);
  • Fix: Typography fields appending NaN value;
  • Fix: Toggle boxes not activating the current url’s active item and tab;
  • Fix: Doubled thumbnail in Cart or Cart panel, when Checkout classic layout has thumbnails enabled;
  • Fix: Wishlist button not showing up sometimes in catalog;
  • Fix: Wishlist panel, scroll inside not working;
  • Fix: Quickview accordion items, not working in related products;
  • Fix: Elementor edit mode’s menu not showing up;
  • Fix: WP Store Locator css, tweaks for mobile;
  • Fix: Product page Fixed summary improvements and compatibilities;
  • Fix: Colorize scroll effect, exit animation not having a transition;
  • Fix: Up-sells display in product page;
  • Fix: SideHeader addon, various minor improvements;