Permalink Manager Pro

Permalink Manager Pro v2.2.9.1

Version: v2.2.9.1

Last update: 22.9.2020


Bài viết này vừa được chỉnh sửa lúc: 11/12/2020

Permalink Manager is an SEO-friendly URL editor for WordPress. It includes a set of tools that helps to customize the permalinks. You can use it to edit URL addresses of posts, pages, categories, and tags. It works well with WooCommerce, custom post types, and taxonomies.

Features Permalink Manager Pro

1. Custom post type & taxonomy permalinks

Permalink Manager works out-of-the-box. It supports both native & custom content types. This includes pages, posts, categories, and custom post types/taxonomies.

Need to add taxonomy slugs or remove permalink base? The plugin works well with content types controlled by 3rd party plugins like WooCommerce, Toolset Types, or Pods to name a few.

2. Edit multiple permalinks at once

You can use Permalink Manager to edit each URL one by one. And there is another more convenient way – you can bulk change them!

Firstly, go to the Permastructures section and adjust the permalink formats. By default, they will be used in new permalinks. You can also regenerate and apply them to old addresses.

3. Auto-redirect the old permalinks

You do not need to worry about 404 errors! After you update the permalinks, the old URLs will be redirected. It is enabled by default, but you can turn it off in the plugin settings.

You can also set-up extra URL redirects for each post, page, or term. They can be used either as shortlinks or URL aliases.

4. Customize WooCommmerce permalinks

Remove /product//product-category/ from store URLs in under 2 minutes. You can update multiple permalinks at once in a few clicks. Similarly, you may adjust each product/category URLs one by one.

Would you like to add SKU numbers to WooCommerce permalinks? It is pretty easy with Permalink Manager. Follow the instructions and add SKU numbers to product URLs.

5. Add custom fields to WordPress permalinks

Looking for an easy way to add the custom fields to permalinks? Permalink Manager is the easiest solution! You can find the detailed instructions in this article.

It works not only with native custom fields but also with 3rd party plugins. This includes Advanced Custom Fields, Toolset Types, and WooCommerce.

6. Duplicate slugs & permalink bases

Due to technical limitations, WordPress does not allow using the same permalink base for more than one content type. Permalink Manager allows you to overcome this problem and keep the same permalink format for multiple post types and taxonomies.

As long as you keep the permalinks unique as a whole, you can use exactly the same slug in multiple custom permalinks!



  • Enhancement – Basic support for BasePress added
  • Enhancement – Added support for custom product attributes in products’ permalinks (WooCommerce)
  • Fix – “Trailing slash redirect” is now disabled on front pages (to prevent redirect loop on Polylang/WPML language front pages)
  • Dev – The taxonomy term used in custom permalinks is selected differently
  • Dev – Performance improvements (duplicate-check function)
  • Dev – Further improvements for the function used to sanitize the custom permalinks
  • Dev – Codebase improvements

  • Fix – Hotfix for ‘redirect_canonical’ function (causing a redirect loop)
  • Fix – The custom canonical permalink set with Yoast SEO is now no longer overwriten
  • Fix – The custom permalinks are no longer saved if the post/term has no title
  • Fix – Hotfix for Gutenberg related JS errors
  • Fix – Hotfix for Groundhogg plugin
  • Fix – Hotfix for “Customize” admin bar menu link
  • Fix – Hotfix for WPML’s language switcher on posts page
  • Fix – Hotfixes for WP 5.5 – blog/posts page + draft template is now loaded correctly
  • Dev – Trailing slash redirect code adjustments
  • Enhancement – Added support for GeoDirectory plugin