Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Impreza v6.6.2 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Version: 6.6.2

Last update: 1.10.2019


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Free Download Impreza v6.6.2 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme bản cập nhật 1.10.2019

Impreza WordPress Theme là một chủ đề WordPress hoàn toàn chuyên nghiệp và linh hoạt, đáp ứng đầy đủ, được phát triển với sự chú ý đến từng chi tiết.

Impreza WordPress Theme Nulled có thể được sử dụng cho bất kỳ loại trang web nào: kinh doanh, doanh nghiệp, danh mục đầu tư, sản phẩm, tiếp thị, v.v.


Tính năng nổi bật Impreza WordPress Theme

  • Unlimited Designs
  • 44 Rich Builder Elements
  • Advanced Options System
  • 300+ Powerful Yet Simple Theme Options
  • Advanced Portfolio & Gallery Options
  • Advanced Page & Blog Options
  • Unlimited Page Layouts
  • One Page Sites
  • The Most Powerful Header Builder on the Market
  • 14 Pre-Designed Starting Headers
  • The Most Powerful Grid Builder on the Market
  • 52 Pre-Designed Starting Grid Layouts
  • Footer Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Built-In Mega Menus
  • Popups / Lightboxes
  • Advanced Typography Settings
  • Custom Font Uploader
  • Translations Support & RTL
  • Dynamic Content


Version 6.6.2 — October 1, 2019 #
FIXED issue when the site becomes unavailable after updating the theme to version 6.6, if WP_DEBUG is enabled

Version 6.6.1 — September 30, 2019 #
FIXED issue when migration process didn't work, because of UpSolution Core plugin is updated after the Impreza update

Version 6.6 — September 30, 2019 #
ADDED Nature Photographer demo
ADDED Wedding Photographer demo
IMPROVED migration process – now websites with dozens of pages have more stable updates from older Impreza versions
IMPROVED Row element – added ability to show simple image slider as Row background. Check the example and another one
IMPROVED Product data element – added ability to show "List of attributes", which shows all global and custom attributes of the current product (except Weight and Dimensions, which are available as separate values)
IMPROVED Post Image element – now when it has "Show media preview..." option enabled and used in Grid with products, it will show the slider with images amount indication
IMPROVED Accordion element – added "Remove left and right indents" option. Check the examples
IMPROVED Button "Link" option – now it's possible to force "Open in a new tab" with values from custom fields. Also it's available for Text, Image, Post Image, Post Title and Post Custom Field elements
IMPROVED Grid "Invert order" option – now it's consistent when selected: By "Order" values from "Page Attributes" box
IMPROVED "Used In" indication on Grid Layouts admin page – now it shows sidebars with Blog and Portfolio widgets
UPDATED Font Awesome PRO icons to version 5.11.2 – added new icons, see the changelog
UPDATED WPML config – added translation support for Popup element
FIXED bug when product category page shows no products, if menu has Page Block with Grid showing products
FIXED bug when images on Cart page didn't appear after cart update with enabled Lazy Load
FIXED issue when Pricing Table always show buttons, even they are not set
FIXED bug when Page "404 Not Found" ignores selected content template
FIXED work of elements appearance animation with enabled Lazy Load
FIXED bug when Interactive Text didn't push words to the next line
FIXED appearance issues of Rows in backend editor for RTL
FIXED bug when Lazy Load didn't work for images in footer
FIXED some minor bugs

Version 6.5 — September 16, 2019 #
ADDED Interior Designer demo
IMPROVED Paste Section ability – now that the copied section has custom Grid Layout, it is also created on your site when pasting
IMPROVED Button Styles – added "Font size" and "Line height" options
IMPROVED Grid – added "Items Aspect Ratio" option, now it's possible to override aspect ratio of selected Grid Layout. So it's no need to create several Grid Layouts for different aspect ratios.
IMPROVED "Optimize JS and CSS size" option – added "Merge Google Fonts styles into single CSS file" option, which allows to improve pages loading speed
UPDATED languages files
FIXED incorrect appearance of Google fonts with different site languages, if the "Optimize JS and CSS size" option is enabled
FIXED incorrect work of "load more" pagination on WooCommerce shop page with specified content template
FIXED issue when image placeholder is shown on Row background, if the image wasn't set
FIXED bug when Text Block doesn't show Youtube video (and other embeds) on frontend
FIXED appearance of Accordion inside Tabs, when it used with specific Content template
FIXED bug when Post Content element disappears in WPBakery Role Manager settings
FIXED bug when Excerpt length was not working for taxonomy descriptions
FIXED work of "load more" pagination of Grid with ACF Gallery selected
FIXED bug when custom CSS in Footer didn't work on homepage
FIXED work of "Page Break" tag with custom Content templates
FIXED incorrect appearance of Grid images in EDGE
FIXED some minor bugs

Version 6.4 — September 2, 2019 #
ADDED Personal Blog demo
ADDED Beauty Shop demo
ADDED new Paste Section ability – now it's possible to copy any section on any demo site and paste it into your site. This allows to build your pages faster. Check how to do it
ADDED Images Placeholder option – now it's possible to show specific image globally for all cases when the image is absent
IMPROVED Demo Import – added ability to import Headers separately from any demo site
IMPROVED Uploaded Fonts option – added ability to enable Italic style for uploaded fonts
IMPROVED Button – added Link "None" value, which allows to show buttons without URL
IMPROVED Image – added "Size" and "Style" settings into header element
UPDATED Font Awesome PRO icons to version 5.10.2 – added new icons, see the changelog
UPDATED languages files
FIXED bug when enabled "Disable Visual Editor" option in User profile settings hides Header/Grid builders content
FIXED issue when Grid with "Items of the same taxonomy of current post" shows only posts with same type
FIXED bug when FlipBox back side is visible while front side has semi transparent background
FIXED bug when post with "Link" format doesn't take target attribute in Grid Layout elements
FIXED bug when Product custom attributes are not showing in the "Product data" element
FIXED bug in Grid when video post preview doesn't appear when categories are selected
FIXED backwards JS compatibility issue with some browsers (replaced "let" to "var")
FIXED bug in Grid when video post preview doesn't appear on Archives pages
FIXED bug when Post Content doesn't show description on Category pages
FIXED issue when Images with "Large" size are shown with incorrect width
FIXED bug when Tabs are collapsed into Accordion even on wide screens
FIXED bug when Row Shape Divider is overlapped by Revolution Slider
FIXED incorrect appearance of checkboxes in WooCommerce forms
FIXED bug when Search icon in header shows above Dropdown
FIXED issue with Person element paragraphs in description
FIXED incorrect Open Graph meta tags on product pages
FIXED some minor bugs

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