Astra Pro

Astra Pro v3.1.0

Version: 3.1.0

Last update: 3.3.2021


Astra Pro Addon is a premium plugin that extends functionalities in the Astra theme. The core theme is clean, lean and mean to offer only features that the majority of our users would need. While Astra Pro Addon offers further customization options and other features.

Featured Astra Pro

Pre-Built Websites

Reduce website design time by using pixel perfect ready to use website demos from our library of starter templates.

Customize Without Code​

Change the design through a range of options in the WordPress Customizer. No coding knowledge necessary!

Made for Page Builders

Astra gives you the ability to turn off the page title & sidebar. Create full-width pages with complete design freedom.

Super Fast Performance

Astra is made for speed. It is the most lightweight theme available in the market and offers unmatched performance.

Layout Settings

In this area, one can manage layout of the website container, header, blog, archives, single pages, posts, sidebar & footer.

Header Options

Astra comes with several header layouts built-in. The Pro addon extends the possibilities and adds more features further.

Colors & Typography

Set colors & fonts easily! We understand it’s important to be able to set fonts & colors that integrate with your brand.

Blog & Archives

Control design of your blog posts & archive pages with neat options in the customizer. Manage width, content and even meta.

Drag and Drop Builder

Simply drag and drop elements and position them as required to design your website’s header and footer.

Live Editing

You get what you see! Get a live preview of the header or footer while you build and design it as per your needs.

Advanced Styling Options

Customizing headers and footers haven’t been this easy! You simply click on an element and play around with its style.



Version 3.1.0

March 3, 2021


  • Redesigned the entire customizer UI for better user experience. ( )
  • Added design options for Builder – Toggle Menu in Transparent header.
  • Optimized dynamic CSS functionality to reduce unwanted CSS on the page.
  • Overall HTML Structure improvement which includes removing blank spaces and removing unwanted HTML Tags.
  • Optimized customizer by removing PHP controls.
  • Optimized the SVG icons.
  • Builder – Transparent Header – Placeholder Text and Color options for Search.
  • Builder – Social Icons – Ability to add an extra Phone and Contact icons.
  • Builder – Social Icons – Added ability to select icon from an Icon Picker for individual social elements
  • Builder – Social Icons – Added a color option for labels of social icons.
  • Builder – Off-Canvas – Added an option to manage spacing between inner elements of the Off-Canvas.
  • Added new Page meta options for Above, Below and Mobile header.


  • Footer vertical alignment option not not working.
  • Above Footer & Below Footer showing up an unwanted border in the customizer preview.
  • Updated Learn More Links on Astra Options page for Nav Menu & Easy Digital Downloads addon.
  • Overflowing content not wrapping as per grid layout on responsive device for Header Footer builder layout.
  • Builder – Transparent Header – Social icon, label custom color & official color not working.
  • Builder – Transparent Header – Menu & Submenu style applying to Off-Canvas Menu.
  • Block Cover align full CSS compatibility in Block editor with sidebar.
  • Color picker icon not visible on hover.
  • Font size not reverted back to the initial size when the value is deleted.
  • Menu active link style not working when sub-menu item is active.
  • Menu line height not being applied in frontend.
  • Global Button Border and Typography controls are not working in the customizer preview.
  • Breadcrumb position misalignment issue for inside header option.
  • Search box misaligned in Dropdown option for Off-Canvas in Mobile.
  • Submenu divider option adding heavy border around menu items on responsive devices.
  • JS console error with Elementor – Header, Footer & Blocks plugin.
  • Console error in customizer due to third party plugin dependency.
  • Menu font size not working with old Header.
  • Transparent Header – Menu link, background and hover colors not working for old header.
  • Builder – Menu – Submenu container get hides when hover in between Top Offset spacing.-

Version 3.0.3

February 26, 2021


  • JS console error when Theme Header is replaced with third-party plugins header.


Version 3.0.2

January 29, 2021


  • Fix: Dropdown link target option not working for menus inside Off-Canvas, when Off-Canvas type is Flyout or Full-Screen.
  • Fix: Responsive option missing for typography.
  • Fix: Submenu divider option adding heavy border around menu items on responsive devices.